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The founding stone of the present-day brand and food company ‘Sakas’ was laid down by Hon’ble Vikramsinh Patankar on the eventful day of May 18th, 1993. The company has achieved several milestones to date while staying true to its vision of providing tasty, innovative products while ensuring the social upliftment of “ALL” its stakeholders. The company has seen exponential organic growth throughout its journey to where it stands today due to pursuing stringent standards at all levels of management, building goodwill, and developing strong bonds with its stakeholders.

Having a firm grip on the Konkan market, Sakas has no plans to stop there. It is also associated with international brands due to its state-of-the-art infrastructure and “on- field” management. Keeping in mind the current global situation, Sakas is also moving towards greener operations by emphasizing renewable energy, thereby reducing its carbon footprint and doing its bit to help our beautiful planet. Customers and businesses are guaranteed nothing but stringent standards maintained throughout due to its ISO 22000 Certification and intelligent systems (SAP) in place, allowing the management team to work with nothing but the best at their disposal.


A Trusted Dairy Brand Since 1993 & ISO 22000 Certified.